The IDDD Workshop was an open, truly interactive class with several workshops, a great atmosphere and a lot of vivid discussions, both during and after hours. As most of the people who join these classes are truly passionate about software development, you not only get to know the principles of the blue book better, but you also get the opportunity to meet, chat and extend your professional network more then you can imagine, both with speakers and with attendees. In fact, I still meet some people from that event on a regular basis. To recap, if you ever have the opportunity to attend, please do. You will not regret it.

Tom Janssens, Builds software and helps organizations to get better at building software

I want to thank you for this course. I believe you introduced some very interesting and innovative ideas about DDD, not only from a theoretical point of view but also with a very practical approach. I feel that you communicate in a very clear and easy to understand manner and I think this and your professional experience were key factors in transmitting your extensive knowledge.

Sara Pellegrini, Independent Information Technology and Services Professional

Vaughn’s IDDD Workshop is a very valuable use of one’s time. The group works through the strategic and tactical patterns of DDD within a defined Bounded Context experimenting with patterns, code, and language. The experience has been invaluable to me and to my team in particular. We have adjusted our way of doing DDD and after two sprints we can already see the ease of describing, implementing, and testing each feature. It definitely helped increase our velocity and the quality of the product. Thank you for a great workshop!

Antonio Drusin, Blackbaud

Seven4n ( is a company that designs and delivers software specialized on building applications for complex domains such as insurance, government, e-commerce, among others. We contacted Vaughn Vernon for an IDDD Workshop with our architecture and software development team. The Workshop gave us great insights about DDD in real-world projects and answered questions about the relationship between DDD and distributed systems; the concepts behind DDD and some of the most influencing architecture styles. Vaughn’s experience and knowledge gave us the necessary elements to apply all the DDD concepts in a profound way, making our clients more pleased with the applications we built.

Yuji Kiriki, Partner, Seven4N, Bogotá, Colombia