Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned DDD practitioner or just getting your feet wet, get ready to experience what practicing Domain-Driven Design on your team could be like. Backed by a real-world example that binds theory to practice, you get to familiarize yourself with strategic design, the importance of “language in context,” tactical patterns, architecture, etc. The curriculum includes ample time to get your questions answered, turning the whole into a bespoke experience at times. This is an ideal opportunity to connect with like-minded peers and share both problems and solutions.

Yves Reynhout, Technical Lead at CSC
Co-Founder, Belgian Domain-Driven Design Group

Domain Driven Design is a tremendously powerful architecture and mindset specifically purposed to deal with complex software problems. I have worked on a larger project implementing DDD as the architecture/methodology for the better part of a year but have been frustrated by its complexity. This course taught me many concepts as well as filling in holes in my understanding. As the result, I am not only more skilled in DDD, I am more confident in using it in my development efforts.

Mike Zandin, Senior Software Engineer, Quark Software, Inc.

I just completed Vaughn’s IDDD Workshop and believe it is time well spent. Vaughn follows closely the concepts and storyline in his book, but is able to slow down and help all attendees through any difficulties with the material. It is hands on, there are useful programming exercises that are non-trivial. But it is nice that Vaughn fully supports both .Net and Java approaches (he even broke out Scala) and you will leave with in-depth understanding of the strategic as well as tactical patterns of DDD in the programming language of your choice. If you are trying to get your head around DDD and want a patient, gifted instructor, I highly recommend Vaughn Vernon and his class Implementing Domain-Driven Design.

Tom Stockton, Enterprise Architect, MAXIMUS

When I learned that Vaughn was coming to Europe for the IDDD Workshop I didn’t hesitate for one second to register. It was the best workshop I have attended in my life. All the aspects of DDD are talked about and put into practice. It goes from building the Ubiquitous Language, through all the strategic patterns to the implementation with tactical patterns. What struck me is the interactivity of the Workshop. Vaughn continually gives you many tips taken from his rich experience that are very valuable in real world applications. He was available for everyone and answered all the questions. Definitely it’s the workshop you have to attend if you want to understand how to build real business value software.

Tomasz Jaskula, Coding Architect, Software Developer, Consultant