Vaughn’s course not only solidifies fundamental DDD concepts, but also supplies the confidence needed to put this knowledge into practice. Having your development team attend this class will teach them to efficiently solve complex problems in an elegant and extensible manner.

Harry Brumleve, Software Architect, Quark Software, Inc.
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I very much liked the focus on strategic design with enganging team excercises. Vaughn covered all current DDD concepts in very structured way.

Christian Deger, AutoScout24


The IDDD Workshop was very useful to our team. Considering the scope of the subject matter, the IDDD Workshop thoroughly covers implementing Domain-Driven Design. As a result, we are now applying what we learned to our new project. We had the IDDD Workshop held on-site in our office, which was very convenient for our developers.

Golnaz Sepehrband, Software Engineering Team Leader, Click Travel Ltd.


Having attended Vaughn’s IDDD Workshop really helped me gain a much deeper understanding of Domain-Driven Design and how to use it in practice. Vaughn is an excellent speaker/teacher with profound knowledge and insight which he is able to articulate in a way that makes perfect sense. I very much recommend this IDDD Workshop to anyone who wants to not just learn about DDD but also wants to know how to use it in practice.

Jacob Klærke Mikkelsen, Architect & Enterprise Development Expert