About IDDD Workshop


Go beyond the theory of DDD and see how teams can actually use DDD to accelerate their strategic initiatives in a way that helps them design for the business’ competitive advantage. Emphasis is placed on software development as a craft by embracing best practices of design in source code that works within the framework of agile processes, and de-emphasizes attempts to solve real strategic business software initiatives by throwing technology at the problem.

The event is best for senior and mid-level software developers and architects interested in software craftsmanship and learning domain modeling using the Domain-Driven Design (DDD) approach.


The IDDD Workshop is facilitated by me, Vaughn Vernon. I am a veteran software craftsman with more than 30 years of experience in software design, development, and architecture, and I am the author of the book Implementing Domain-Driven Design published by Addison-Wesley. (Get a great print and ebook bundle deal when you order the book here.) I understand the ups and downs of software development with the challenges of improving our craft in a fast-paced industry. This keen understanding drives me to help others overcome the obstacles we frequently face. I want you to succeed with Domain-Driven Design by improving your skills and depth of knowledge. If your organization is looking for the way forward with Microservices, consider this workshop an essential foundation.

I am a thought leader in simplifying software design and implementation using innovative methods. I’ve been programming with object-oriented languages since the 1980s and applying the tenets of Domain-Driven Design since my Smalltalk domain modeling days in the early 1990s. My experience spans a wide range of business domains, including aerospace, e-commerce, environmental, geospatial, insurance, medical and health care, SaaS, and telecommunications. I consult and speak internationally, and have taught my IDDD Workshop on most continents.

Yes, I teach both public and private workshops. If you prefer an on-site workshop over one offered to the public, please contact us for details, including pricing and availability.

You can find my blog here VaughnVernon.co, and you can follow me on Twitter here @VaughnVernon. Don’t miss this interview about my book, Implementing Domain-Driven Design.